Hardship Discharge of Student Loans

The amount of student loan debt now exceeds outstanding credit card debt in the United States. This is not surprising because acquiring a higher education is perceived to be necessary to landing a job in a competitive environment. Further, it is easier to borrow for a student loan than it is to borrow for other purposes, since unlike other types of loans, neither a job nor a co-signer may be needed. Moreover, the government often guarantees repayment of student loans, and it is not easy to obtain a hardship discharge of student loans in bankruptcy. Read more “Hardship Discharge of Student Loans”

Will I Lose My House If I File Bankruptcy?

In Chapter 7, the Court is not interested in taking and selling property except to the extent that it has equity in it… that is, to the extent that it is worth more than what you owe on it. Thus, the value of your property is very important. You are allowed to protect (“exempt”) equity in your residence up to $21,500.00 per spouse. You may also be able to exempt equity in real estate that you do not live in, but the amount of your allowable exemptions is less in that case. Read more “Will I Lose My House If I File Bankruptcy?”