The Emotional Toll of Debt Problems

Debt is an insidious source of worry that affects millions of people. The emotional toll is
not just about numbers on paper. It is also about anxiety, stress, and negative emotions. For
many, the burden never seems to lighten, leading to enduring emotional and mental health
challenges. Constant worry can lead to sleepless nights, panic attacks, and a feeling of dread.
The feeling of being trapped in a cycle of debt sometimes leads to impetuous mistakes that just
multiply the financial burdens.

Debt can affect physical health as well. Debt-related stress can lead to headaches,
disrupted sleep patterns, and weight changes, and impact work performance, making it harder to
earn the money needed to pay off debt.

We understand the feeling of being overwhelmed by debt, and solutions are available.
Newnan Bankruptcy is a firm led by H. Brooks Cotten and staff with over 30 years of experience.
The firm can provide advice, tools, and strategies to navigate liquidation or reorganization
bankruptcies, with the goal of regaining control of personal finances and emotional well-being. It
is easier and less stressful than it seems. Our consultations are free. We are flexible with payment
plans. Call us at 770-683-3303, or email us on this website to book an appointment.